Karhiba Rhodesian Ridgebacks

237 E Moorestown RdWind GapPA 18091, USA


Phone:     610-365-8750

E-mail: karhiba@aol.com

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                  Puppy Application .

Please copy and paste the application below and send to                                                        Karhiba@aol.com

​                 Thank you Celia and Glenn Hoffman

1) Name: 

2) Address: 

3) Phone number:


5) Male for Female Puppy: ________

6) Are you looking for (please check what applies):

a: ​Conformation/show ___

b: Pet/Companion ____

c: Protection ___

d: Hunting ____

e: Performance: agility, obediance, coursing, rally, tracking ________

7) Would you consider a ridgeless puppy: ____

8) Do you own your own home: ____

9) Do you have a secure fenced in area: ____

10) Are you familiar with Rhodesian Ridgebacks: ____

11) Do you have other pets, please list:

12) Are you married: ____

13) Do you have children, ages of children:  _______________________________

14: If you have children are they familiar with large breed dogs: ___

15) Where will your dog be spending time when you are away (working):

16) Are you agreeable that if you could no longer keep your Ridgeback he/she would come back to the breeder, no matter his/her age: ____

​17) Do you agree all deposits are non-refundable unless puppy can not be provided. ___

18) Are you familiar with the Ridgeback, if so how. Have you ever interacted with a Ridgeback and what led you to want to add a Rideback to your family: